MONSTERBASS​ ​lures are engineered in Japan and feature anatomically accurate designs and workmanship that are unparalleled in our industry. This is more than a hobby, it’s an obsession. And it's this obsession that continually keeps us reaching for mo​re with a tireless effort toward creating the most life­like lures perfect for hunting all varieties of game fish.

In 2008, John Connolly, a lifelong angler was in Japan on a business trip and decided to extend it by a few days so he could make a stop at Lake Biwa, Japan’s most famous and largest fishing lake. While traveling, John enlisted a wise and noble guide, Tajiri Nakajima to show him the hidden fishing villages. They embarked on their journey by boat on the tepid water of Biwa. Two kilometers out on the lake they landed upon the lush green shores of Okishima Island and its quaint fishing village.

There are no cars in this village and its people, all 450 of them, survive on the commerce that fishing provides. They have inhabited this island while fishing its waters for centuries, they even say that each one of them descended from an ancient samurai. And It was here that Tajiri introduced him to baits designed by a local fisherman. These baits were handcrafted and featured the most life­like designs he had ever seen before, they looked like art. Individually hand­painted baits featuring front­loaded red treble hooks, these certainly were not a common sight at his local tackle shop. John was inspired with the village’s craftsmanship and their love of fishing, and when he left, Tajiri sent him home with a handful of those baits as a memento of his weekend on Lake Biwa.

The following Spring John entered a local fishing trip with a friend… when he opened his tackle box and saw those 5 Biwa baits, he decided to give them a try. Little did he know­ that trip would become a record breaker, John had caught bigger fish and faster than he had ever caught before. His group of friends were amazed at the monster bass he was hooking. Everyone wanted those baits!

Fast forward to 2012. John returned to Japan on a mission to find the local fisherman who had designed the baits he first come across 4 years prior. After nearly 2 weeks scouring the village for the original fisherman, he found Ito Nakamura, the maker of those life­like and stunning baits! The rest is history.

Ito Nakamura now exclusively designs baits for ​MONSTERBASS​ and they are now available outside of Japan for the first time. His passion for creating anatomically accurate designs, combined with the unique shape, sound and movement are unlike anything fish have ever seen before. It’s that combination, along with his patented front­loaded japanese red treble hooks that lets you know it’s a MONSTERBASS.